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NAME: Duck
AGE: Teenager, (15-16-17 in human terms), It's never explicitly stated.
CANON: Princess Tutu

CANON HISTORY: Here! And her alter ego here.
CANON PERSONALITY: The words cheerful and optimistic are the best used to describe Duck. Despite having three different forms throughout the series, her duck form, her girl form, and Princess Tutu, this aspect of Duck is always the same. Although she isn't immune to doubts and moments of self-criticisms, Duck does her best to put on a cheerful demeanor and look on the brightside, and most of the time she succeeds.

As a girl, Duck is scatter-brained, clumsy, and forgetful. She has a lot of energy and is a habitual fast talker. She says what she thinks almost as soon as she thinks it, a trait that often gets her into trouble. However, she is also honest and compassionate. She helps people in need and always attempts to console those who seem hurt. She isn't the best at anything she does, but she always tries her best no matter what.

As a duck, Duck doesn't act too much differently than she does as a girl. She has less obligations as a duck, so she's often calmer in this form, content to swim in the pond and do other duck things. She realizes as a duck she is limited in what she can do and accomplish, but she never resents this fact. Even when the end of her story draws near and she realizes she will have to return to being a duck forever, she never shows anger, only regret and sadness for the people she'll be leaving behind.

As Princess Tutu, Duck is graceful and well spoken. Her speech is clear, each word carefully enunciated so that everyone can understand. She has the regal demeanor of a real princess and the abilities of a prima ballerina. Duck is a much more capable dancer as Princess Tutu and uses her dancing to help people confront the negative feelings in their own hearts. She has offensive abilities, such as creating vines with large thorns that she can easily move at will, but she almost never uses these abilities, preferring to resolve situations peacefully instead. Although to the people she confronts and helps she appears as a costumed girl, to people on the outside Princess Tutu looks like nothing more than an elegant swan made of pure light.

Although at first Duck feels like her forms are conflicted and wonders who she really is, she eventually realizes that all three of her forms are her true form, her desires and more important, her feelings, are the same no matter how she appears to others. Whether a duck, a girl, or Princess Tutu, Duck has always been willing to endure countless difficulties for the sake of others, even at the cost of her own life. The one thing she fears most is being useless.

SKILLS/ABILITIES: Duck has only normal duck abilities as her bird self, and only human capabilities as a young girl. However, when she transforms into Princess Tutu she gains several powerful, yet abstract, abilities. She has some less abstract abilities as well, and most of these involve flowers in some capacity. We see this influence in episode one when she uses the move "flower waltz." "Flower Waltz" is the only named attack Tutu has, and in this instance it is used to create an abundance of flower petals all around her which she uses cushion another character's deadly fall. Part of the reason something as ridiculous as flowers cushioning a fall works is because when Princess Tutu does use her powers, she and the characters involved in a scene enter into an altered space. In these pocket dimensions the scenery of the real world is drawn in white and black outlines, and stage like elements of nature begin to appear.

Her primary method of "attack" however is to invite her opponents to come dance with her. When they accept this invitation by taking her offered hand the world suddenly shifts to a ballet stage where all who enter are suddenly capable of dancing like professionally trained ballerinas no matter their real life experience. They dance with Princess Tutu through sandstorms, water, and ice, none of which exist in the actual space their bodies occupy, but rather form as reflections of their own inner torment. Through their shared dance Princess Tutu is able to understand the true cause of a character's actions. She understands their motivations and the feelings behind them, and once she does she shares with them words and gestures of comfort and wisdom.

The extent of her power is never fully explained in canon, but through simple observation there are a few assumptions we can make. First she has the ability to turn a person's feelings into a physical landscape that exists in a world separate from our own. Second, anyone she dances with gains the ability to dance as though they are professional ballerinas. Three, if there is need of her abilities in the real world she can summon plants (the petals in episode one, or the viner growths she creates in the finale) and cause them to move and grow. Fourth, her dancing is supernaturally inspiring and causes the people she dances with to feel hopeful and uplifted.

Oh, also she can talk to birds and be understood and understand what they say as well.

AU AGE: 16
PHYSICAL DIFFERENCES: She is no longer a duck, as in she was born as a human girl.

🌸     Hope is a single child born to a loving family.
🌸     As a child Hope was very active, always on the move and sometimes getting hurt because of it. She could be a bit of a handful sometimes.
🌸     She also loved birds when she was younger and had a lot of clothing that featured birds and stuffed animals of birds as well. She doesn't go crazy with the bird stuff as a teen, but she still likes them and has kept birds as pets before.
🌸     Her father is a preacher, and as such she is in church in the front seat every Sunday! This does not mean, however, that she doesn't sometimes get bored and end up falling asleep.
🌸     She is well liked at school, but not particularly popular. She can be a bit of an oddball at times, randomly speaking out of turn or saying something irrelevant.
🌸     Academics are not her strong suit, she gets passing grades most of the time, but usually doesn't have the attention span required to study. This is a bit of a sore point for her and causes trouble between her and her parents. It especially upsets her mother, who is a research scientist by profession and very smart.
🌸     She once saved a stranger's life by doing the heimlich maneuver at a McDonald's. Her Mom saved the article about the incident when it came out in the local paper. Hope finds this to be VERY EMBARRASSING.
🌸     Hope began taking Dance lessons when she was 10 years old. She isn't the greatest dancer, but she isn't the worst either. She'd like to be able to dance professionally, but right now that seems like a pipedream.
🌸     She has a close group of friends she always seems to be hanging out with, of course, she isn't afraid to do things on her own either.
🌸     She's never had a boyfriend, not once! She thinks maybe her father's profession intimidates them? But she doesn't really mind too much, as long as she has her friends she'll be happy.
🌸     She doesn't really know what to do with her life, and if she's forced to think about the future she can get a bit anxious. But she's sure she'll think of something real soon!

AU PERSONALITY: Her AU personality is very similar to her canon self, with only some small differences. The largest difference is that she has always been a human, whereas in canon she was a duck who gained the ability to appear human. Additionally, she has no heroic alter ego, and so she's had a much less complicated life than her canon self. Although she is very cognizant of her flaws, she's much less prone to self doubt, moments of worry, or any serious fears and concerns. She's focused mostly on trivial things, like her social circle and her life after high school. She still likes helping others, but instead of saving them when they jump out of a building she usually does things like donate to charity and volunteer instead. It's easy for her to find ways to help considering her father's position, and her parents are always encouraging her to try and find new ways to contribute to society.

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OOC Information:
Name: Aki
Are you over 15? Yes!
Contact: PM to this account:)

IC Information:
Name: Duck
Canon: Princess Tutu
Age: She's actually a duck, but she looks about 16 as a human.
Preincarnation Appearance: She looks like a yellow duck. As a human she looks like a young girl with slight freckles and long red hair with bright blue eyes. As Princess Tutu she has short red hair with white tips.
Any differences: Nope

Preincarnated History: She was a duck, doing stuff in a pond when she saw a hot guy dancing and was like "damn I want that." Prompted by this then she saw his souless eyes and was like "shit, this dude needs my help." Some creeper with powers over everyone living in the town heard that and he was all like "OH REALLY?" He decided (to suit his own ulterior motives) to give her an enchanted necklace that let her transform into a human, and in times of crisis, into Princess Tutu. This way she could be close to her prince, but in exchange, she had to try and save the pieces of his heart. Only the creeper, Drosselmeyer, knew that this would eventually lead to her own death. The truth was that everyone living in Duck's town was under a spell. They were all parts of a story Drosselmeyer was writing from beyond the grave, and Drosselmeyer loved sad endings. He set the characters of his last tale in place to write the most tragic story ever seen, but the characters fought back and with Princess Tutu's (Duck's magical girl alter ego) help they were able to write themselves a happy ending. Also, when she was a girl she went to an Art Academy and was in the ballet division, but she was a really poor student.

Reincarnated History She is just a normal Duck. She is young, unmated, and enjoys swimming in her pond in the public park.

First Echo: She was chilling in her pond one day when she saw a street performer, someone dancing, slowly and practiced. It was a ballet dancer. As she watched on she felt a heartbeat stronger than any she'd felt before, and just like that, she knew something was different. She could think and recognize like a human, and admire this strangers dancing along with hearing a constant strain of numbers in her head. She doesn't know what they mean, but she can see the shapes. She draws them out in the mud with her bill, and shapes course there way across the dirt. Images and words she can't understand, and sounds, she does. Human speech, she sees a young human die, and suddenly the words make sense. These people are talking to each other and they're scared. It's not long after this that vermini begin to show up and infest the wildlife around duck. Animals all around her, ones like her, are changing, especially when she's near. She runs from them, and suddenly finds a necklace around her neck, and instead of duck legs human ones running across a path. The necklace is dim, as though lacking in power, but still with it she can transform into a girl. She has yet to decide if this is a bad or a good thing.

Preincarnation Personality: A generally cheerful and happy duck, Duck's personality was the same as a girl and as Princess Tutu. As a human she was clumsy and scatterbrained, and many were known to say that she had "duck like qualities." She was also kind, willing to go through endless difficulties for a boy she hardly even knew, even as a duck, and as a girl feeding the birds every morning and helping everyone she met no matter the difficulties. She will always do whatever she can to help another, even if the cost is her life.

Any differences: In this life, since she is not from a story book land things are a little harder for duck. She doesn't understand human mannerisms as well, and without the goal she had in her previous of life to save the prince, she doesn't quite understand the point of even being human. She still has an innate desire to help, but as for being cheerful, energetic, or determined, those are concepts that are totally foreign to her.

Abilities: Duck has only normal duck abilities as her normal bird self, and only human capabilities as a young girl, however, when she transforms into Princess Tutu she gets several powerful special and yet completely abstract abilities, most of which involve flowers in some capacity. We see this influence from the first episode when she uses the move "flower waltz," the only named attack she has, to create an abundance of flowers all around her and cushion the Prince's fall, saving his life in doing so. Part of the reason something as ridiculous as flowers cushioning a fall works is because when Princess Tutu does use her powers her and the characters involved enter an altered space, a parallel dimension, if you will, where the scenery of everyday modern life is drawn in white and black, and stage like elements of nature come into existence.

Her primary attack method is to invite her enemies to dance with her. When they accept this invitation by taking her offered hand the world suddenly shifts to a ballet stage where they are capable of dancing like professionally trained ballerinas, no matter there real life dance experience. The dance with Princess Tutu through sandstorms, water, and ice, none of which exist in the actual space their bodies occupy in the real world. Through this dance Princess Tutu has power over her enemies, she can understand their motivations and feelings, and manipulate them, she primarily does this to make them happier and face hardships in their lives. To people in the real world looking on the scene it simply appears as though a golden swan is enveloping some individual with it's wings. Aside from these potent metaphysical abilities, all granted to her through her necklace, her only physical world altering skill is to make vines and flowers grow, and she usually uses this to reach tall places.

Roleplay Sample – Third Person: She is sitting somewhere, hiding. people chased her off for being naked. she needs clothes. humans are so confusing.

Roleplay Sample - Network: Um. I don't.. I think I need clothes.


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